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10 More Ways to Amplify Positivity and Stimulate Motivation

Welcome to the penultimate article of our five-part series on amplifying positivity and stimulating motivation in your life, and a direct follow-up to Part 1 in this series. In this article, we’ll be looking at ways you can treat your mind and body, whether that’s experimenting with your diet, rebuilding connections with loved ones, or finding your path in life.

1. Reward Yourself with Chocolates

Rewards are a great motivation for any task and what’s better than getting a sweet treat at the end of a chore! Having a reward to look forward to can be an excellent motivation. If you’re focused on your health, buy low-calorie sugar-free chocolates. Look forward to rewarding yourself once you’ve completed a task you once deemed impossible.

2. Go Meatless

Experimenting with your nutrition is a great way to stay motivated. You can see dramatic changes in your appearance if you give up refined sugar. Similarly, going meatless is another way to ensure good health. The meat in the market nowadays is below standard and shouldn’t be part of your regular diet.

Use this time to experiment with going meatless and discover the positive effects it has on your body.

3. Make a YouTube Nutrition Channel

Help others get a better life by starting a YouTube channel focused on nutrition. Sharing your knowledge with millions of users is fun, rewarding, and can have some financial benefits as well.

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4. Experiment with Fruit Recipes

Summer season is the season of delicious fruits! Why not make different cocktails and fruit salads each day? Consider making fresh juice a permanent part of your diet for an easy way to boost your vitamin intake.

Now’s a great time to try different recipes and share them on a social media platform with your friends and family. This fun activity will give you a sense of purpose to spend your day. Moreover, you can improve your health as well.

5. Eat More Cooling Foods

Getting a hydrated and cool diet is essential during the hot summers. Make a list of cooling foods before the grocery shop and focus on those foods only. Avoid oily and spicy food so you can give your body the essential nutrition it needs.

This will have a positive impact on your health, which can transform your body shape as well. You’ll be able to feel the difference within the first week, and it may motivate you to continue.

6. Say No to Fast Food

Fast food like burgers and hotdogs are the primary reason for global obesity. They contain a high amount of cholesterol and calories, which contribute to fast weight gain. Try and avoid any fast food intake. This is difficult at the start, but once you get used to it, you can continue healthy eating for the summer and beyond.

Struggling to stay motivated? Watch online transformation videos of people who gave up fast food.

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7. Try an Air Fryer

The air fryer is one of the most recent innovations in the cooking industry. It’s made for people who want the same taste of food but with a lower number of calories. You can fry your food in it with a minimal amount of oil. You can find hundreds of recipes on the internet, which you can try on your air fryer.
This is an excellent activity for you to try on those recipes and make your diet healthy and low calorie.

8. Only Eat Organic Food

Factory produced meat and foods are the most significant hazard to your health. Some developed countries have banned such food items from being sold in their markets. Only organic food is allowed now. Try and give up your regular diet and make the switch to organic food for five weeks.

The taste of organic food is different from regular food, and can be a good change in your life. It will motivate you to try different organic recipes, which can be an excellent opportunity for you to improve your health.

9. Find Your Why

Most people spend their whole life ignoring their inner voice. Your inner voice is telling you over and over again the purpose of your life. Similarly, your inner voice is always telling you to do something. This is the time to listen to yourself and discover what your purpose is in life. What are you best at? What brings you joy?

You can meditate, read the Bible, journal and think deeply as you observe yourself. This exciting process will keep you motivated and make you a better person.

10. Spend Time with Your Parents

Our parents did so much for us all their lives. In this busy routine of life, we can easily forget to spend time with them. If you’re lucky enough to have your parents in your life, then why not schedule some quality time. Listen to the stories of their childhood and contribute to the discussion. You’ll understand your parents better and build a stronger relationship with them.

Will you be trying out these motivation-boosting methods? We promise the results will be worth your hard work and effort! Stay tuned for the final article in our five-part series, focused on ways to show gratitude and appreciation for your life.