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10 Ways to Show Gratitude and Appreciation for Your Life

Do you actively practice showing gratitude for your life? It can be easy to get caught up in the busy day-to-day of your routine without taking the time to appreciate all that you have.

Make an active change this summer to mindfully focus on the good in your life, with our top tips for channeling positivity and amplifying motivation in your life.

1. Remember the Feeling

Some moments in life push you to cross your limitations. If you’re successful in getting into that phase during critical moments, you can achieve anything in life. Work on that feeling and find a way to remember it during the time of performance. You can associate it with an object like a ring or necklace you’re wearing. This motivational trick works for top athletes and high achievers in the world. And an excellent idea for you to keep yourself engaging during this summer.

2. Start a Charity Organization

There are many people in society who want to donate to people in need, yet don’t find the opportunity to do so. Why not start a charity organization in your area and collect the money from these people for a more significant cause? This will fill your soul and satisfy you morally.

3. Self-Evaluation

This summer, take a self-test to discover how good you are as a person, for others and yourself. Make a list of several things and rank yourself. Now allow your family and friends to rate you as well. See the difference and take the necessary steps for self-improvement. This idea has helped a lot of people around the globe and can make your life much better.

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4. Test Your Idea on Small Scale

Do you have a business idea in your mind? Test it on a small scale. There are many online platforms where you can sell your service or product, without having to leave the house! The road to entrepreneurship is a fascinating one and fills you with thrill.

5. Spend Time on Your Spirit

Everyone commits sins in their lives that they regret. Though you can’t turn back time, you can unburden your soul of this sin by spending time in mediation. You can also ask for forgiveness from God. Another great way is to spend a portion of your time or money on helping those in need. This will satisfy you internally.

6. Study a New Way of Being

It’s fools’ play to criticize or belittle something without knowing it. The world is filled with new learnings, understandings, people and cultures, and you can peer into any of these to learn something new and broaden your horizons. This will give you more clarity and understanding as to why we’re all different but special in every way imaginable.

7. Start Learning Sketches

Sketching is an inborn skill, but don’t lose hope as it can be learnt as well. Scour the internet for beginner tutorials, and with practice, you can become a pro within five weeks. Why not surprise your family and friends by making their portraits?

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8. Make Virtual Tours

Although you can’t leave your house during this sensitive time, with 3D technology, you can make virtual tours. There are many cheap VR headsets in the market that can connect to your phone for a wonderful experience. You can plan all the destinations on your wish list and experience virtual tours!

9. Teach Underprivileged Children

Make a change for those less fortunate by teaching underprivileged children via video calls. A quick online search will bring up many organizations that can provide a platform to fulfill your desire. This is a fruitful way to spend your summer. It will also look great on your CV!

10. Be Thankful for Everything

The best way to throw away unwanted negative emotions is to be thankful for everything you got. Try to instill this behavior in your life during this summer, and you will see positive effects on your personality and thought process.

And that’s it! We’ve reached the end of our five-part series on ways you can stimulate motivation and amplify positivity in your life.

We hope you’ve found this series inspiring and are ready to apply these methods to your everyday life. If you’re ready to make a change but still need help, keep an eye out for our next blog post in which we’ll be sharing our failproof action plan for working towards your goals.