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5 DIY Mental Health Hacks

Mental Health is associated with longevity and quality of a person’s life, as well as physiologically effecting the gastrointestinal system. Aerobodies cares deeply about mental health and the pressures it can have on how you show up for work, for your loved ones, and for yourself. We often take on many challenging roles every single day as a leader, employee, innovator, colleague, partner, parent, and the list goes on. Remembering to prioritize your mental health may not come easily for everyone. That’s why Aerobodies is sharing 5 easy hacks you can do each day to help manage your stress and practice good mental health that will benefit you, and everyone around you!

  1. Spend at least 15 minutes outside. Warm sunshine will boost your vitamin D levels and being in nature will elevate your mood. It could be as simple as sitting outside to eat your lunch, picking a quiet spot to read, or just looking around and taking in the sights & smells of the natural scenery surrounding you.
  1. Unplug for 30 minutes. Taking your eyes away from the screen allows your brain to relax and forces your mind to have a real-life connection with your family, friends, pets, or just some well-deserved quiet quality time with yourself & your thoughts. You can use this time to meditate, practice mindfulness, have an interesting conversation exploring new ideas, or reflect for a moment of gratitude. This practice can help you remember to slow down and enjoy the little moments that often pass by due to stress and busy schedules.
  1. Practice forgiveness. Those who forgive themselves and others report better mental health and life satisfaction. Harboring grudges takes up space in our minds and hearts that can cause depression, anxiety, and self-doubt. When we are able to learn from the past and decide to let go, we free ourselves from our own restraints and leave room for new opportunities and positive thoughts. 
  1. Be patient with yourself. Hardly does something happen in the exact moment we want it to. Recognizing and appreciating where you are and how far you’ve come will make practicing patience much easier. When focusing on a goal for yourself, set a realistic timeline and micro-achievements to celebrate your growth along the way. Be grateful that you are heading in the right direction, and YOU are getting yourself to where you want to be!
  1. Treat yourself. This could be something as extravagant as taking a vacation, or as simple as enjoying your favorite piece of candy at the end of a long day. Some suggestions from our team: start a skin care routine, take time to prepare your favorite meal or dessert, sing your favorite song and dance around the house, go shopping at your favorite store, or get in some cuddles with your pet. Whatever allows you to relax and puts a smile on your face is worth the time and effort – wouldn’t you agree?

Aerobodies is happy to help you manage your mental health and guide you through best practices to enhance your mental acuity & build your mental resilience. Our mental and behavioral health professionals offer live one-on-one counseling & therapeutic services, as well as accessible mental health techniques on our BLAZE Virtual Wellness platform. Contact us and together we will make an impactful change on your personal and professional life.