Good leaders proactively promote employee engagement. They invest their time and resources get to know their employees personally, recognize their strengths, and find ways to support and motivate them. Considering employees needs with each business decision. Disengaged employees are costly. According to a Gallup report US business lose $450 and $550 billion annually.

At Aerobodies, we design strategic wellness and resilience experiences that create thriving cultures and people. We know there are quick and efficient ways to warm and create energy within in your workforce…to get employees moving, thinking, and communicating in a positive direction. Use these quick employee engagement hacks to inspire your people and wake up your workforce!

1. Create Strategic Recharge Breaks

Errors are expected in stressful situations, and your employees might exert all their energy to correct those mistakes. Provide opportunities for “recharge breaks” between zoom meetings and after a hectic routine to regain that energy. This will allow your employees to come back to work fully committed. Small breaks allow them to recollect themselves for more significant tasks and keep them motivated down the road.

2. Host Mindfulness/Meditation Sessions

Meditation can help in draining the stress from the mind and body. It allows people to regain their energy and focus, which are essential to working efficiently. You can arrange mindfulness sessions for your employees and introduce a reward system for fitness. This will motivate them to give their best which can also improve their stress levels. This results in high resilience and engagement in your employees.

3. Sponsor Wellness/Fitness Meetups

Being stuck at home with little physical activity can have adverse effects on health. It can cause stress and mood swings in your virtual employees. It can reduce their ability to focus on work, directly affecting the quality of said work. Physical activity will have positive impacts such as: enhancing mood, improving sleep, relieve anxiety, improving focus, and improving work quality.

Two hands holding a white PlayStation 4 Controller.

4. Host an After Work Game Competition

Most people love to play online games, especially with their peers. It allows them an outlet to drain out their anxiety and stress. A simple online gaming competition will let your employees have some fun time and forget work-related worries. You can host a gaming competition on a working day and make the participation of everyone mandatory. Fun activities like this will have a positive impact on the overall health of your employees.

5. Promote Peer-to-Peer Connection

The office environment is a great place to socialize, interact, and exchange ideas. When working from home, this socializing culture is disturbed, and it becomes more difficult for employees to contact each other effectively. There are several ways managers can step in to solve this issue. You can conduct weekly virtual meetings where everyone can participate and interact with each other. You can provide Aerobodies communication tools like the Workforce Wakeup System™ to your employees to get in touch with their peers and socialize. This will help in catering to the problem to a great extent.

6. Create Opportunities to Reach out and Stay in Touch

Never close communication channels with your employees. Ideally, you should communicate with them daily. Even if you have nothing to discuss for the day, then a simple “Good Afternoon” message sent throughout the week will also work. It will give them a sign that you are always there to help them in this challenging time.

7. Provide New Opportunities

Some employees want to pursue further education, discover a new hobby or supplementary skill, purchase a new car, or upgrade their house. You can offer them a helping hand by supporting them in these endeavors. Employers can partially pay for these expenses as gratitude for their services to the organization. If your organization does not have the funds to financially support your employees in this way, there are other ways you can support them. Managers can also help employees identify mentors, sponsors or teammates willing to provide shadowing or resource opportunities to renew an employee’s interest in their career. You can offer additional time off or flexible working hours, so they are able to take care of the things they need to do. This will both motivate people and further instill a sense of security about their job.

Final Thoughts

In summary, employee engagement is not a one-off, quick-fix issue for any employer. Designing a pipeline of strategic experiences and energizing engagements to renew the vitality and well-being of your workplace culture is vital, particularly during high stress periods like the current pandemic. Employers who proactively create avenues to revitalize the lives and interest of their employees will succeed in retaining a more resilient, engaged workforce in the short-term and long-term economies. If you’re looking for more innovative ways to ramp up the engagement of your workplace check our newest offering Workplace Wakeup™ our turnkey system to create instant engagement within your teams and workplace culture in less than 14 days.