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How Summer Can Boost Employee Wellness

Summer is the perfect time to jumpstart your company’s workplace wellness programs. Workplace wellness programs lead to healthier, happier, more engaged and more productive employees and that’s always good for your business. So use the summer weather to boost employee wellness. So here are three ways to make it fun for everyone!

Encourage Walking

Due to technology, employees are more sedentary than times before. Try encouraging employees to take 10 minutes and walk on breaks, at lunch, before or after work. Walking outside or in the hallways, or using the stairs instead of elevators, are small efforts that make a big difference. Document any nearby walking trails that workers can use during lunch breaks. Post mileage of various loops and how long it will take to walk on a brisk or leisurely pace. Get involved in the community and encourage participation in events such as 5K or 10K, softball leagues or charity walk-a-thons.

Host a Healthy Potluck Competition

A healthy office potluck is a great way to boost employee wellness. Host a summer picnic featuring fresh, healthy foods. Ask employees to bring a favorite healthy dish and reward 1-2 employees for bringing the most liked dish. Hosting a healthy potluck will also help promote a culture of wellness in your company. The healthier version of a potluck can promote a culture of wellness while helping your employees enjoy healthy eating.

Host an Office Field Day

Field day is a concept taken from schools when children are divided into teams and participate in a variety of athletic competitions. It’s a friendly atmosphere that gets children away from their desks and books. The adult version is much the same! So give employees the afternoon off for a little outdoor fitness. These types of events are also fun because family members can participate! Field day also encourages a greater connection between employees and enhances productivity and may even increase retention rates. When coworkers “work” with each other this way, they open up new lines of communication which leads to more efficient collaboration on work projects and overall employee satisfaction. After all, when employees like who they work with, it boosts energy and enthusiasm among employees during the workday.

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