CDC To Provide Ergonomic Support Services for Their Employees Nationwide

Fran Dean-Bishop, President & CEO
Aerobodies Inc.

CDC To Provide Ergonomic Support Services for Their Employees Nationwide

Ergonomic Solutions Are Being Introduced To Help Facilitate Wellbeing in the Workplace.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced plans to provide their entire workforce with ergonomic support services in an effort to increase health and safety both in the office and in the workplaces of remote teams. The introduction of ergonomically designed equipment has been linked to increases in efficiency, employee wellbeing, and quality of work.

Studies show that employers who place emphasis on maintaining the health and wellness of their employees tend to have the happiest and most productive staff, which in turn creates successful and profitable workplaces.

“The training we received from Aerobodies was some of the best content and delivery of mission-specific customer service related training that I’ve experienced. The careful attention to our requirements and tailoring it to our goals and constraints ensured we got exactly what we wanted and not some boiler plated training.” – John B., Assistant to the Deputy Administrator for Management and Acting Director, USDA

Prioritizing good ergonomics in the workplace results in:

  • Increased productivity and efficiency of staff.
  • Reduction in injury-induced employee time off.
  • Increases in job satisfaction, health, and resilience.

CDC’s ergonomic support services provided by Aerobodies Inc. began in August 2021.

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