A woman working remotely at her desk

Designing Your Remote Workspace

One of the great benefits of remote work is the freedom to create a workspace that reflects your personality and work style, all within the comfort of your own home! Providing guidance and resources to help encourage your employees and leaders set up an optimal workspace can make a big difference in their comfort and productivity levels, benefiting the health of both the individual and your organization as a whole. Aerobodies recommends the following considerations when designing your remote workspace for optimal proficiency. For the full read, check out A Guide To Working Remote

Create a dedicated and defined workspace

Promote focus in the workplace by limiting distractions and investing in quality wellbeing ergonomics such as natural light and plants, quality air flow, adjustable equipment, technology placement, etc. Aerobodies ergonomists offer training and implementation to WELL-Certify your workspace for optimal physical and mental health.

Separate work from your home life

Set calendar reminders and take designated “out of office” breaks to help prevent burnout. Allocate your time and efforts accordingly to clarify boundaries between work responsibilities and personal engagements.

Be intentional about regular communication with others

When 50% of remote workers report feeling isolated, be sure your team has the resources to stay connected and engaged! Schedule informal video coffee chats to catch up with your team outside the scope of work projects to help foster a supportive mental health community within your remote work culture. Be sure to humanize this experience if your child or pet decides to make a surprise appearance!

Find structure in routine and try new things

Follow your personal circadian rhythm and acknowledge your peak hours of energy and focus. This will help you time manage and outline your responsibilities to work with your optimal cognitive capacity and boost your mood. Maximizing the benefits of asynchronous workflows allows time for healthier lifestyle choices throughout the day such as exercising, cooking, reading, etc. when traditionally this time would be allotted for commuting.

Embrace change and allow for iteration

Home offices have a unique flexible advantage, but with this freedom comes self-monitored responsibility. Establish clear communication plans and procedural expectations for yourself and your team so that the organization can avoid operational and cultural gaps.

Check out Aerobodies A Guide To Working Remote to learn about hybrid and remote workplace trends, designing your remote workspace, managing your remote team, how to strengthen your remote work culture, and how Aerobodies resources can support your organization through customizable live and digital wellbeing solutions. Book a discovery call (please link this https://calendly.com/aerobodies) and let us help you optimize your workplace!