Aerobodies fitness and wellness center management services for commercial and corporate facilities provides a continuous, highly-efficient flow of program operations. Our health and wellness experts will ensure your fitness or wellness center offerings reach maximum performance and increased participation rates by providing an engaging experience for all fitness and wellness center members. By implementing Aerobodies comprehensive fitness and wellness center management services, our clients receive:


  • Membership, Operations and Tracking Reports
  • Staff Recruitment, Training and Compensation Management
  • Strategic & Financial Planning services
  • Health & Fitness Promotions
  • Marketing & Membership Engagement Promotions
  • Budget & Operations Management
  • Membership Recruitment and Retention
  • Participant Screening, Testing and Evaluation
  • Health Technology & Online Engagement Solutions
  • Fitness Challenges & Events
Watch this video to learn more about Aerobodies on-site health & wellness programs and services.