How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business

How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business (and still have a life!)

In light of our new WellTeamCulture Program, CEO Fran Bishop recently hosted a masterclass called How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business and still have a life! Here are the top 7 pillars that all business owners need to consider as they build their business!

Seven Pillars For Building Your Business

Pillar 1 – Understand your why. What’s your legacy?

Pillar 2 – What’s your “get out of bed” price? Learn to navigate opportunities and above all, know your worth!

Pillar 3 – Ask yourself this: What type of people do I enjoy working with, for, and in service of? Define boundaries for your relationships and your time, and learn to say no.

Pillar 4 – What does it look like when it’s done? It’s ok to sit and marinate with an idea, no need to rush yourself!

Pillar 5 – Ask yourself this: What type of resources am I curating? Using your free time a bit more wisely can help you acquire or strengthen skills you didn’t even know about! For example, take some time to read a whitepaper on your favorite topic, listen to what’s going on in the news, and discover what your local chambers are conversing about. There’s even shows to watch that will help your business performance like Shark Tank or one of Gordon Ramsey’s shows!

Pillar 6 – What is your superpower? What comes naturally to you and brings you joy? Try to find a mentor in this area and let your light shine!

Pillar 7 – Network = Net Worth! Who’s in your network? Surround yourself with people you can learn from!


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