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How To Choose Sustainable Resolutions To Build Healthy Habits In 2023

New Year, new resolutions. But how long will we stick with them? 

Most people drop their New Year’s resolutions simply because they aren’t setting sustainable goals. Let’s start 2023 by cultivating sustainable resolutions you’ll want to pursue! 

Set Goals With Short-Term Wins 

When we set a goal that is too lofty or requires too many steps to achieve in a reasonable timeframe (in the case of New Year’s resolutions, a year), we are setting ourselves up for failure. There’s nothing more daunting than looking at a goal far away and realizing how much work is ahead of you. 

Instead, try resolving to change the way you approach tasks that will EVENTUALLY lead towards one of your lofty goals. For example, if your resolution is to get promoted to a leadership position, you shouldn’t be laser-focused on the leadership position itself. Instead, you could resolve to volunteer more often to spearhead group tasks. Focusing on the short-term win of getting more experience leading teams on small projects will bring you closer to your goal, and you’ll get a small win each time it gets easier to elect to step into those leadership roles. 

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Ask Others To Keep You Accountable

You don’t have to pursue positive habits alone! Asking a trusted friend or colleague to keep you honest when trying to keep a resolution is a great way to stay focused during those times when it’s tempting to waver. Sometimes we’re more willing to let ourselves down than others. By creating an accountability tether with a friend, you gain additional encouragement to refocus and persevere when you’re just not feeling up to keeping your resolution. 

Choose Goals For YOU – Not For Others

Don’t let anyone tell you your resolutions, and don’t choose resolutions that make other people more comfortable with who you are! Your goals should be about what YOU want to achieve, accomplish, or change about your life, so get those disruptive, negative voices out of your head when choosing resolutions to keep this year. Take an “inside-out” approach: what can you shift about how you conduct yourself that will create the life you want? If you have people in your life who discourage you, maybe it’s time to resolve to build some boundaries around those relationships. 

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Create Active Timelines To Check-In 

Picture your life in two months after faithfully upholding your resolution(s), and set mini-goals to hit those checkpoints along the way to your actual goal. If things are going slower than you hoped, that’s okay! Regular check-ins with yourself about your progress can keep things in perspective. Maybe your execution could use a tweak here or there, or perhaps you’re doing all the right things, but outside forces keep stalling your progress or delivering setbacks. If you keep things in perspective, you can minimize your disappointment and bounce back faster! 

The main thing to remember is that you’re in control of your resolutions. You set the terms, and you’re the one who gets to rise to the challenge you’re setting for yourself. Avoid setting unrealistic goals, and make 2023 a year of sustainable self-improvement. You’ve got this!