Employee health and wellness is a personal matter and should never be viewed as only a statistic or a dollar sign, but it has a direct impact on a company’s bottom line. Employee health issues impact the company that is paying them for their time and output. That’s why it is important for companies to encourage better employee health by helping them develop healthy habits.

According to this poll by Gallup, unhealthy workers cost U.S. businesses about $153 billion per year in lost productivity. Roughly one in seven employees is of normal weight with no chronic health conditions and log roughly four sick days per year. On the other hand, employees that are overweight and have three or more chronic conditions miss an average of three days per month.

So we’ve outlined a few ways companies can encourage employees to develop healthy habits and minimize sick days.

Encourage Employees to Drink Plenty of Water

Hydrated employees are often healthier, happier, more motivated, and therefore are more productive. That is why every company needs to incorporate hydration into its overall workplace wellness strategy. There are a few low cost ways you can encourage hydration. Install a water filter that gives your employees access to environmentally friendly cold water and give employees a branded drinking bottle, that is BPA free, so that they have a quality drinking container to use in the workplace.

Encourage Employees to Eat Healthy Foods

You can’t control what your employees decide to eat but you can provide them with healthier options. When you have company meetings, parties, and events, choose healthier food options like salads with low-fat dressings, fresh fruits and add wholesome food options to vending and beverage machines.

Encourage Employees to Be Clean

Depending on the weather outside (rain, too hot or too cold), employees may choose to spend more time indoors. That means germs are more likely to spread. So encourage everyone to keep their work spaces clean and sanitized. Consider placing hand sanitizer pumps throughout the office to encourage employees to keep their hands clean.

Encourage Employees to Workout

A more direct way to encourage employees to workout is to give them the opportunity to do so without having to leave the workplace. Leaving work to exercise may be inconvenient or even impossible for many employees. Offer customized on-site fitness classes geared to all fitness levels. Offering fitness classes before the workday begins, at lunchtimes or after work not only makes it very easy for employees to exercise, but can help to improve workforce morale and engagement. Sessions can take place in large office spaces, in adjacent outside spaces or nearby parks when the weather permits.

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