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How To Enhance Employee Health & Wellness With Supplemental Workshops

Do you remember the first time you used your FitBit or put on your Apple Watch? 

There was a definitely a learning curve! You can’t simply put either of them on and expect to magically get healthy overnight. Wearable fitness technology is a powerful tool that must first be understood in order to be effective. Once you know how to use it, these tools offer unlimited potential in helping you reach your fitness goals.

It’s the same with employee health and wellness programs. Offering a lot of fancy features without showing your employees how to use them and how they benefit from them, is sort of like offering someone a Fitbit without explaining how it works. They might figure it out, but chances are they’ll simply get frustrated and give up altogether.

In order to help your employees to take advantage of everything your employee health and wellness program has to offer, you have to frame each program element as a tool that can help them reach their personal goals.

This can be accomplished through a series of workshops that teach employees about your wellness programs in a language that clarifies, motivates, and inspires them.

We were hired by a government agency to identify the cause of low employee participation in their wellness program. After identifying gaps in their programming, we developed and produced a 4-part workshop series for their employees.

Employee Health & Wellness Workshop 1

This workshop focused on identifying the thoughts and beliefs that prevent enhanced wellness. Employees learned new ways to think about exercise, fitness, health and well-being. They learned how to create a complete thought shift that helped them relate to the programming in a new way.

Employee Health & Wellness Workshop 2

This workshop helped employees overcome information overload in terms of their health. Participants learned what they should pay attention to, and what’s just “white noise.” They also learned how to make educated decisions about their health and the health of their families.

Employee Health & Wellness Workshop 3

This workshop showed employees how to apply insights gained in the first two workshops to their individual lifestyles and habits. Making the connection between concepts and real life is crucial to creating lasting interest in workplace wellness programs. Participants learned new ways to think about and approach fitness in terms of their specific, individualized needs and circumstances.

Employee Health & Wellness Workshop 4

This workshop focused on long-term wellness solutions, including how to incorporate new healthy habits for the next 6 weeks, 6 months, and beyond. By showing employees exactly how to incorporate wellness programming into their short-term and long-term health goals, you lay the foundation for continued program involvement for years to come.

Workshops are an extremely effective way to help your employees regain interest in your wellness program and consider possibilities they hadn’t thought of before.

In order to implement this turnkey solution, we worked with our client to create four unique workshops focused on the areas most important to them: work/life balance, reducing stress, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Since we often create these workshops for our clients, we had a strong foundation in place and were able to develop the entire program in less than 30 days. Thanks to our established network of thought leaders and wellness industry experts, we were also able to book the most relevant speakers and presenters to address our client’s specific goals for each workshop.

If your employees are unsure about how your wellness program can benefit them, workshops are a wonderful tool to show them what’s available to them and how your programming can change their lives. Click here to view an additional case study on the benefits of turnkey workshops. The process begins with a gap analysis, where we identify the WHY behind low employee attendance in your program. Then we create an action plan to increase participation and employee satisfaction.

Don’t waste another second on problem programming! E-mail us to schedule your complimentary gap analysis today: franb@afmsco.com.