Progress 1

Measuring Your Progress for Q1 2023

It is crucial to check in with yourself and your team as we bring Quarter 1 to a close (…ALREADY!) Aerobodies outlines some thoughtful questions for measuring your success so far this year, and re-evaluating benchmarks to hit your goals for the rest of the year. With organization, dedication, determination (and a bit of support from Aerobodies) this will be your most productive year yet!

Are you working IN your business or ON your business?

When we work IN our business, we are actively completing tactical day to day operations.

When we work ON our business, we are evaluating high level pressures, understanding the broader market trends, and seeking out client needs from a holistic operational perspective.

As a leader of your organization, it is imperative to practice effective management techniques including delegation to be able to allocate at least 10-20% of your time to work ON your business. Check in with your team’s workload to identify areas of growth and responsibility opportunities so you as a leader can focus on scaling your business.

How are you assessing metrics for your digital presence?

The fast-paced digital world we live in today leaves little room for the “wait and see” approach.

Be sure to benchmark your website traffic including number of visitors, bounce rates, CTA click through rates, sales conversions, and time spent on specific pages. It is also helpful to manage how customers are finding you, which will determine your future SEO efforts.

Similarly, you will want to analyze your social network data including content posted, reach, impressions, and engagements. This will help to inform you of market needs and trends, and assess effective vs. non-effective ways to increase brand awareness and educate your potential buyers so that you can pivot as necessary for Q2.

Have you identified and celebrated completed milestones?

Recognition to yourself and your team leads to a sustainable business, ideal company culture, and ability to re-focus on operations. Identify milestones for small and large goals that you and your team were able to complete so far this year, and align your next steps with a realistic timeline. This not only keeps people inspired by seeing how far they’ve come, it keeps employees engaged with their work from a big picture perspective.

Aerobodies believes in creating a sustainable, cohesive work environment where employees feel seen, heard, and acknowledged through human-centric workplace wellbeing which ultimately leads to operational efficiency. We promote best practices, professional resources, and a signature framework for effective workplace health management techniques that support the wellbeing of individuals and organizations. Book a discovery call and let us help you optimize your workplace!