MindWell Suite: Blaze Fitness

Blaze is a one-of-a-kind virtual fitness membership program under the MindWellSuite™ featuring must-have fitness, wellness and coaching resources for busy people. You’ll get access to specially curated – robust training content from the Aerobodies – MindWellSuite™ World Class Team of Experts. You also joining a community of driven, passionate individuals who just like yourself are all keenly aware of being their best physically, mentally and emotionally everyday of your life. We want to support you in your WELLBEING JOURNEY!
blaze  [ bleyz ]


  1. a bright flame or fire
  2. a sparkling brightness
verb (used without object), blazed, blaz·ing.

  1. to burn with intense feeling or passion
  2. to shine like flame

While we remain vigilant to our personal health and safety before, during, and after COVID-19, we want our clients and network to know that we are here to support you in health, body and mind.

So we’ve launched yet another new platform for you here at the MindWellSuite™. We call it the Blaze Workouts. Enjoy live streaming classes whenever and wherever you are.

Ready to begin your Wellness Journey?

Blaze Virtual Fitness


Looking to develop a Hi-Touch Well-Being Program for your Team or Office?

We provide…

Digital Wellness Platforms

Weight Management & Nutrition Consulting

Program Scorecards & Assessment Development

One-on-One Coaching

Training & Development Programs

Professional Team Building Retreats

Our Team

Lena Cornelison

Client Relations Associate

My name is Lena Cornelison, and I am the Client Relations Associate here at Aerobodies. I am a recent graduate of George Mason University with a B.S. in Psychology. Helping people emotionally and mentally is a passion of mine, and it is important to me. Being a part of a health and wellness company provides me with the knowledge and skills to improve professionally, and increase my knowledge on the wellness of individuals. It is truly amazing working for Aerobodies Inc, and providing clients with the information and help they need.

Larry Hester

SEC Instructor

My name is Larry Hester and I am a well rounded fitness specialist for Aerobodies Fitness. I have a bachelors of science degree in exercise science and have 5 years of personal training experience. I also have experience in teaching group exercise training such as: HITT, Total Body Conditioning, Circuit Training, Strictly Strength, and plyometric/agility training. My purpose will always be to strive and get the best out of an individual by any means necessary.

Madhur Hans

SEC Instructor

A descendant of ancient Yogis, living a Yogic lifestyle, Dr. Madhur B Hans, a Ph.D. in Medical Microbiology, integrates a deep understanding of human anatomy/physiology and psychology with science and art of complete well-being. She has been sharing her knowledge and experiences about living a healthy and inspired life, with the world community for more than 20 years. Through Meditative Yoga training, that goes beyond physical postures, she has helped people transform their lives by converting outer stress to inner strength. With consistent practice, it helps achieve holistic health with a perfect balance of body, mind, and soul.

Allison Nugent

SEC Instructor

I grew up in South Jersey and spent my summers in Ocean City, NJ where I have had every kind of job on the island. I went to Ithaca College where I majored in Clinical Exercise Science and ran 100 Hurdles for our nationally ranked Track & Field team. Both in undergrad and in my professional career I have had a heavy focus on special populations working closely with the Parkinson’s community and with women at different stages in their breast cancer journey. Most recently I have been working at the fitness center within the SEC where I have been teaching classes and training clients. The classes I teach at the SEC include Total Body Conditioning, Circuit Fusion, and Core & More. I still enjoy going for a run occasionally but have been focusing more on walking, yoga, and lifting when it comes to my personal workouts. In my free time I love cooking/baking, riding my beach cruiser, and reading everything and anything on my Kindle.

Ready to begin your Wellness Journey?