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In our MindBody section, you’ll find an ever-growing collection of video workouts by our expert instructors. Keep checking back as we update this page with more workouts help you to stay fit and engaged every day!

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Fitness Videos

5 Minute Active Stretch with Marcia

Join Marcia for a 5 minute active stretch. You can use this before or after your workout for the perfect addition!

5 Minute Stretch with Courtney

Join Courtney for a 5 minute stretch you can do after any class to help improve your flexibility.

5 Minute Abs with Courtney

Join Courtney for a quick but efficient 5 minute ab routine. Incorporate this into any kind of workout and feel the burn!

5 Minute Warmup with Kim

Join Kim for a 5 minute stretch you can do before any class or activity. Use this class to get your body ready for whatever you are about to do next!

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