Podcast FAQ’s

Please contact CourtneyF@Aerobodies.com if you or someone you know would make a good candidate for a podcast interview!

Just be cool, calm, and relaxed. It’s nothing more than a chat between friends.

For most of the conversation, we will just go with the flow but I will for sure ask you these three questions:

  • Can you give us a little background on your personal life and your story? (this is where the conversation will start)
  • Can you share a bit about why you started your business and what drives you?
  • What has been the biggest struggle and what did you do (or are you doing) to overcome it?
  • What are you most excited about/upcoming projects?
  • Audio quality is really important for a podcast, so if you have an external microphone that would be great. Here is a link to an awesome budget mic: https://amzn.to/32B0RLY 
  • Be at your computer when we do the interview and not on your mobile phone. You can plug-in your mic or headphones into the computer and be ready to go.
  • Zoom, the audio/video conference software I use, is over the internet, so make sure you have a good internet connection. Zoom cost nothing for you. You’ll just click the link included in your Calendar invite.

Somewhere between 20-45 minutes.

It should be somewhere quiet to ensure there isn’t a lot of background noise. If you have a fan or something that makes noise where you plan to do the interview, either move it or cut it off.

Go to the calendar invite and look at the notes/description. There you will find a Zoom link – click on that.

Don’t sweat it, I can edit it out. If you didn’t hear something I asked because it cut out, just ask me to repeat.

It depends on how many episodes I have in the queue. Anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

  • Place your mobile phone, tablet, etc on Do Not Disturb mode.
  • Get some water before we start
  • Cut off any computer applications that sync data as it impacts audio quality. Best thing to do is just exit anything that is not Zoom. Exit out of any other tabs you may have in your browser.
  • If you have a habit of tinkering with things when you talk, please remove items that can make noise while we talk such as: paper, which people tend to shuffle around; pens, which people tend to click and open; mouse, which people tend to click; other items on your desk, which people tend to slide around. All these things get picked up by the microphone.