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Prioritizing Workplace Wellbeing to Boost Productivity, Performance & Engagement

What comes to mind when you first think of the challenges to your organization’s wellbeing and engagement? Well, that’s precisely what I prompted several hundred people to reflect on, and here are the raw results:

Their top two challenges were:

  • Lack of personnel to implement programs
  • Unsure of strategy or experience to create

Up next was the uncertainty of what KPI/metrics to use

Coming in last? Lack of budget/funding

Here’s the actual “live” data from the conference:


For once, money is most likely not the main problem! Having a well-designed and effective program that works with (not against) your company’s culture is most leaders’ top problem. Aerobodies has worked with hundreds of organizations in several industries to successfully build and sustain a wellness program that benefits both leaders and their employees.

No company has all of these factors 100% figured out. All companies are dealing with a lack of resources whether that’s time, money, or expertise. Brainstorming together with other leaders in similar business models as you can help you both realize that there are definitely different roadblocks in your path to becoming an industry leader in company wellness, but there are also always opportunities for improvement. Taking that one step to get 1% better every day is what makes the difference in the end.

Key pillars to designing wellbeing models

When we talk about wellness, you are accustomed to hearing about various aspects of wellness: physical, occupational, social, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and environmental. These are key to understanding the philosophy of wellness.

When we talk about the key pillars to designing wellbeing models, we must first ask where wellness intersects with the other moving parts of the organization.

  1. Are our workplace policies up-to-date and inclusive of your entire workforce?
  2. Do they meet the current and future wellbeing needs of our business?
  3. Do they support flexibility and new ways of working?
  4. Do they reflect our culture and values?
  5. Do our wellbeing metrics align with our ESG goals?

Together with Aerobodies, we can work with you to help sort out these complex answers and help you start to solve your problems with your current wellness model.

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Creating synergy while embracing diversity

Creating synergy is always about two things working together to better both things. Your wellness program should never feel like it doesn’t work hand in hand with your company.

When we talk about embracing diversity, you can think about these 12 impact topics:

  • Climate change
  • Access to nature
  • Materials
  • Technology
  • Air quality
  • Acoustics
  • Equity and inclusivity
  • Infectious respiratory disease
  • Performance
  • Thriving and creativity
  • Movement and physical activity
  • Stress

Perhaps all 12 of these impact topics are not applicable to your company. Most likely, at least one or two or going to stick out to you as potential “thorns” or problems that have already arisen in getting employee feedback. Surprisingly, the number one complaint we deal with over and over again is…you guessed it–odor! The candle, plug-in, and diffuser companies are consistently marketing to homeowners. People love when their houses smell nice. Good, fresh fragrance can make all the difference when it comes to setting an atmosphere. The same applies to a work environment.

Well enterprise maturity model

In the wellness maturity model, we will help you lead your organization from simple activation programs to receiving recognition rewards or certification by the ESG. If your team is just starting out, don’t be worried about being certified. Just pick one thing that you can truly put effort and time into focusing on, and do that one thing well. When you have success and feel like you have ample resources to put towards another wellness dimension, integrate that into your company priorities. Time and time again, studies have shown that the healthier your employees and leaders are, the more productive and more effective your companies will be. When you invest in wellness, you invest in your dreams of having the most successful organization possible!

Prioritization and Co-Collaboration

Prioritizing the different subpoints of your wellness program is vital. Most companies do not have the time or resources to do every possible wellness thing, even if they have the best intentions to follow through with all the steps. Keep in mind there are varying levels of effort needed to implement different parts of programs, along with the fact that there is a different level of impact for participants when the program is activated. 

To sum it all up, Aerobodies is prepared with years of experience in various industries to take your organization’s wellness program to the next level. Contact us today if you need further information and assistance!