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Set GOALS, Skip the Resolutions

Every year about this time we start to make big resolutions to transform something in our lives the next year. When the new year starts, we often take off so fast that we quit when we encounter obstacles. So this year, try something different. Set goals you can actually achieve.

Here are four tips to help you do that.

Be Realistic and Concise

Often we set goals that are too vast. Therefore, we may not realize it takes many steps to reach them. To avoid this, set smaller goals that serve as checkpoints to help you reach your ultimate goal. Your goals should be laid out in a short and sweet fashion, with clear boundaries so that the desired outcomes are obvious. Keep it simple or you will get overwhelmed trying to do too much at one time.

In most cases, the bigger the goal, the smaller the steps need to be to get there. When we set small goals, we can achieve our ultimate goal. Here are 5 ways to set G.O.A.L.S. (Go Outside and Above Limitations Seamlessly).

Set Deadlines

Assign deadlines to your goals. Deadlines help you stay focused on achieving your ultimate goal. Without them you may procrastinate which means you will be cheating yourself or you will get overwhelmed because you waited to the last minute. Setting goals and giving them deadlines isn’t enough. You have to make a commitment and stick with it. There’s no way around it. If you are struggling with committing to a specific goal, go back and start the process over.

Be Flexible

While you may have concise goals with clear deadlines, remember to give yourself a little wiggle room. Life happens so stay the course and adjust when needed. Otherwise you may get overwhelmed and frustrated and just give up all together.

Reward Your Achievements

After reaching your milestone goals, reward yourself by giving yourself a cheat day after eating clean for a week, getting a manicure or a massage. Click here for a few more ideas to help you nurture yourself.

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