Social Media Trends Your Business NEEDS to Implement

With almost 60% of the world’s population actively using social media, businesses have a unique advantage to engage with clients and employees in a direct, relatable, and consistent way not bound by geographic restrictions. Aerobodies notes a few social media trends that have proven to be successful tools in the workplace for fostering learning and development opportunities as well as workplace community connection. Check out the full read here: Technology Trends Shaping The Future of Work White Paper.


Blogs are a great resource for finding or relaying information in a fun, conversational style. External blogs aim to attract attention of potential employees, promote your business, and inform your customers of your subject matter expertise. Internal blogs aim to improve business processes by expediting employee communications and promoting development from within the organization. You can also link other resources into your blogs that can help direct the reader and enhance the user experience.

Expert Directories

Create and regularly update your organization’s directory of experts, and be sure your employees have access to (and know how to navigate) this data. You expand upon your organization’s culture of learning by simplifying and improving the connection of subject matter experts available to your leadership team and your employees. This allows your organization to highlight competencies and projects while providing a sense of encouragement invested into employee professional development.

Community Groups

Foster informal, employee-driven learning by creating communities of practice that empower colleagues to share expertise and interests. Listen for employee feedback on where they need support (work-related or personal) and nominate passionate group leaders to provide influence and a sense of direction for group programs. Groups and group programming can be in-person or virtual, and can be organized during or after work hours depending on your organization’s practices and the needs of your employees. Community groups are an effective way to create a sense of belonging at work and offer a supportive culture that people want to participate in.

Video Trainings

Save time, manpower, and cognitive function with training videos that share knowledge with a human-centric approach. Video instruction allows for employees to learn at their own pace, revisit training tips as needed, and still feel a connection to the learning material because of the way the information is being delivered.

Employers who leverage social media for maximum organizational benefit are leaders of their industry. The use of social media for networking and talent mining is the most effective recruitment solution to date. Quickly disseminating company information to employees and the ability to receive immediate feedback via social media enhances employee engagement. Promotional techniques through social networking provide access to informative external communications with vendors and clients, establishing your industry expertise. The collaborative environment associated with social media forces organizations to redesign learning and development applications for ongoing organic growth as a community, not just during a single training event. Aerobodies promotes best practices, professional resources, and a signature framework for effective workplace health management techniques that support the wellbeing of individuals and organizations. Book a discovery call and let us help you optimize your workplace!