Stress Management Techniques to Boost Your Health

Experiencing stress is something everyone can relate to. While a manageable amount of stress is healthy and productive, excess stress that is poorly managed causes overwhelmed and irritated responses that negatively affect work productivity, social interactions, and immune health. There are ways to raise awareness for your personal stress triggers and better manage stress levels to reach optimal performance in your workplace and home life. Follow these tips from Aerobodies experts to better manage your stress and be sure to read our full whitepaper on Stress Management.

Recognize the type of stress that is occurring so you can take the appropriate steps for stress management.

Eustress is short-term stress that has a positive influence on your performance and wellbeing. This can be a powerful motivator in the workplace, enhancing your performance and productivity.

Distress is short term but frequent stress that occurs in response to dangerous or time-constrained situations and can cause onset anxiety. This type of stress causes negative perceptions and can lead to a decline in mood, performance, and productivity.

Chronic Stress occurs for longer than 21 days and leaves you at high risk for long term anxiety, panic attacks, depression, insomnia, burnout, and other health-related complications.

Ways to Avoid Chronic Stress:

1. Set Limits

Outline your projects, timelines and commitments so that you can identify your priorities and cut back on non-essentials. Equipping your leaders to delegate effectively and clarify project scope and deadlines will aid employees in this process.

2. Seek out Supportive Resources

Aerobodies health professionals are available to help you set realistic expectations with a positive mindset in order to achieve optimal results. This will also help to create a culture of transparency and belonging for a more supportive work environment.

3. Enhance your Sleep Quality

Optimize your bedroom for health and relaxation by eliminating distractions of excessive noise and light. Daytime exercising and evening meditations will also help to calm the mind and body so that your cognitive functioning is higher and you can focus more during your work hours. Check out our whitepaper on Sleep Management for more tips and details!

4. Set Health-Related Commitments

Aerobodies coaches help you set achievable commitments related to fitness, nutrition, and mental health that increase energy levels and decrease stress hormones. With a wide variety of virtual content available through our BLAZE platform, you can connect with our experts based on your needs and health goals.

Experiencing stress in the workplace does not have to impede on your productivity or bleed into your organizational culture when managed appropriately. Aerobodies promotes best practices, professional resources, and a signature framework for effective stress management techniques that support the wellbeing of individuals and organizations as a whole. Check out our whitepaper resources and book a discovery call with us for solutions catered to your stress management needs!