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Surrounding Yourself with People whose Strengths are your Weaknesses

“I surround myself with people whose strengths are my weaknesses” -Noah Lyles, Olympic Medalist and World Champion Athlete

Whether in your professional or personal life, it is crucial to surround yourself with people who respect your values and support your growth.

On this week’s episode of The Optimized Workplace Podcast with host Fran Dean-Bishop, we are joined by Olympic Medalist and World Champion Athlete Noah Lyles. Tune in and hear Noah’s backstory and the importance of community and mental health resilience in all areas of life.

Surrounding Yourself with People whose Strengths are your Weaknesses -

“Our partnership with the Lyles Brothers Sports Foundation is so impactful in many ways,” said Aerobodies CEO and President, Fran Dean-Bishop. “As a former collegiate athlete and now business owner, I understand firsthand the struggles of trying to juggle multiple priorities and how draining that can be on your wellbeing. We are thrilled to start this journey and serve more youth and athletes across the country.”

Aerobodies Inc., an innovator in developing health and wellness programs for federal agencies, corporations, and small businesses, is in proud partnership with The Lyles Brothers Sports Foundation, Inc. Both organizations are dedicated to promoting healthy living and wellness for teens and young adults.

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The Lyles Brothers Sports Foundation was founded by Noah and Josephus Lyles, award-winning professional track and field athletes. Noah is the reigning World Champion and 2020 Olympic Bronze Medalist in the 200m. Josephus won the silver medal for over 400m at the Pan-Am Junior Championships and is one of the top 200m sprinters in the world. After graduating from Alexandria City High School, the brothers signed an endorsement deal with Adidas. After their time with Adidas, the Lyles brothers created the Lyles Brothers Sports Foundation to empower youth by advancing health and wellness programs across the nation. In addition to financial support, the organization provides resources about mental health, stress management, anti-bullying, and college preparation for athletes and their families.