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The Best Effective Engagement Strategies For Leaders

Whether your employees are working from home, the office, or in a hybrid situation, there are always things that leaders can do to engage their employees effectively. According to a Gallup report, US businesses lose $450 and $550 billion annually due to disengaged employees. Moreso, employees want to work at a place with a positive culture and work harder to stay at a company that cares about their overall wellbeing.

Last May, we ran a few blogs that centered around engaging employees. Today, we’ll be summarizing those articles to review the best tips to help employees stay on task and be productive.

Host Meetups

As a leader who prioritizes wellbeing, you can set up different kinds of meetups, including meditation, mindfulness, or exercise sessions. For employees to be at their best, they need to have time to rest their brains away from work. Physical activity will have positive impacts such as: enhancing mood, improving sleep, relieving anxiety, improving focus, and improving work quality.

The Best Effective Engagement Strategies For Leaders - Host Meetups

Promote Peer Connection

Employees who have work friends are shown to be more effective employees. We are social beings, even including introverts. Before or after meetings, you can host small group Zoom meetings providing conversation starters that may help employees connect before they meet in person.

Host Once-A-Month Catchups

Once a month, you can set up different fun events at various locations for people with different interests. These events should be casual meetups with little work-related discussion. Not only is morale boosted, but it also increases workforce collaboration. Remote workers get to know what their peers are up to and help them through their issues. This method has been very successful for companies running the hybrid workforce model.

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Engaging employees to help them stay on task and continue accomplishing their daily goals is not an easy task. Workplace culture matters. 

If you’re looking for more innovative ways to ramp up the engagement of your workplace, check your calendar and schedule a free consultation with Aerobodies.