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Top 10 Leadership Principles

The most significant difference with successful growth for organizations is the gap between leaders and managers. To manage people effectively, they need to be able to lead their team to victory. Different skillsets come into play such as empathy, communication, motivation, confidence, consistency, efficiency and many more to be discussed. Aerobodies outlines the top 10 leadership principles from an individual viewpoint that every leader should aim to possess for maximum growth and productivity.

  1. Be a role model and deliver on your word through actions. Let’s say your team is on deadline; Be sure to roll up your sleeves and pay close attention to time management, which will show your team this project is a priority.
  2. Facilitate dialogue and encourage open conversations to build trust and increase your understanding of ground-level procedures. For example, if your team is using a new technology and their productivity is lower than what was predicted, take the time to listen to your employees about the challenges and try to problem solve with them in real time.
  3. Visualize the big picture and be consistent when clarifying goals and the overall vision so you can eliminate the need for micromanaging your team. Understand that fluidity and flexibility is needed to reach larger goals.
  4. Position yourself as a human first, and admit your mistakes, strengths, weaknesses, and unknowns. In return, this encourages transparency and honesty from your team which is known to increase retention.
  5. Demonstrate resilience and champion change. Influential leaders are adaptable and open about the evolution of the company and changing policies.
  6. Use persuasion to discuss issues and possible consequences and benefits of each possible solution. This way you can arrive at a solution with your team, rather than flexing your power. This allows your team to feel a sense of ownership and autonomy over their work product, and will allow you to delegate more effectively which gives you more time for other high-level tasks.
  7. Lead with pride, passion, integrity, and alignment to company goals. Believing in your organizational mission will authentically transcend into how you lead.
  8. Nurture your team’s skills, listen to their ideas and concerns, and follow through with professional development opportunities. Understanding your team on an individual, personal level is the best way to encourage and inspire them.
  9. To avoid burnout as a leader, you must effectively delegate tasks by learning everyone’s strengths. Prepare yourself for mistakes along the way and be sure to give credit where credit is due.
  10. Be open to change, innovation, and growth by delicately balancing your team’s personal goals with company targets. View technology and automation as a tool to handle “busy work” so that more focus can be placed on learning opportunities critical for growth.

Speak with our leadership development experts at Aerobodies and watch your workforce transform into more productive and happier employees led by more capable, resilient leaders. Check out some of our related publications for strategies on implementing technology and prioritizing a culture of wellbeing experiences and professional development.