illustration with "AI" in center

Using AI to Work Smarter, Not Harder

When used correctly, Artificial Intelligence gives business leaders the capabilities to automate workflow processes, enable real time problem-solving, and enhance decision-making. Aerobodies solutions for a healthy culture of wellbeing integrate AI algorithms, turning data into actionable insight that reduce operational time and expenses, to optimize organizational performance and revenue generation.

More recently integrated into organizational processes used to guide business decisions and improve work product, AI systems assist with:

  • Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) translates human speech into a written format using natural language processing which helps the efficacy of meeting dictations, trainings, and sales presentations. 
  • Online Virtual Agents to assist with your organization’s personalized customer service needs, FAQs, and up-selling products/services.
  • Powered by convolutional neural networks, Computer Vision provides recommendations from image recognition and has applications within social media photo tagging, healthcare radiology imaging, and self-driving cars.
  • Using Past Consumption Behavior Data, AI algorithms discover data trends for developing better cross-selling strategies, relevant add-on recommendations, and more effective marketing to enhance your brand awareness.

Check out Aerobodies Technology Trends Shaping The Future of Work Whitepaper to learn more about how to provide your remote or hybrid workforce with healthy, productive and sustainable practices proven to boost employee productivity and retention. Book a discovery call and see how Aerobodies resources can further support your organization through customizable live and digital wellbeing solutions!