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Ways to Amplify Your Movement and Stimulate Motivation in Your Life

Welcome to part two of our five-part series on ways to amplify positivity and motivation this summer. We’re challenging you to learn new skills and make the most of your freed-up routines! In this blog post, we’ll be sharing our tried-and-tested tips to increase your movement and strengthen your mind-body connection. Ready, Set, Go!

1. Start Jogging for an Hour

For long-term health and wellness, it’s essential that you take care of your physical fitness. We recommend spending a set time each day moving your body with an activity you love. Jogging is a great way to boost your cardiovascular health and get the blood pumping. You can jog outdoors to soak up the local scenery, or buy a treadmill for at-home workouts. This is one physical activity that will spark motivation and keep your mood lifted all day.

2. Start Playing Single Table Tennis

Table tennis is a great sport to develop concentration and patience. If you live alone, then why not start playing single table tennis? You’ll pick up a new skill and wow your friends with your hand-eye coordination. To get started, you can get pro tips from a quick Google search.

3. Start Dancing

Do you ever feel embarrassed on the dance floor because of your stiff moves? Now’s an excellent opportunity for you to master this skill. Spend 1-2 hours a day practicing your dancing with videos online, knowing nobody will see you bust a move. You’ll get fitter, release some endorphins, and impress at parties. What’s not to love?

4. Make your House Shady

The temperature of the world is rising with global warming, where even short bursts of intense heat can potentially affect your health. Make your home a cool sanctuary and protect the whole family from harmful UV rays, by swapping out your regular curtains for ones made from bamboo. Not only do they keep the temperature low and provide an attractive atmosphere, it’s great for your health and gives your home a much-needed decor boost.

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5. Try MindBody fitness for an Hour

Investing in your physical fitness is time well spent. If you’re not able to join the gym this summer but still want to shift some pounds and get fitter, then at-home workouts are a great alternative. Try yoga, pilates, and stretching to boost your core strength and flexibility. And the best part? You only need a quiet spot, a yoga mat, and an hour of your day. Trust us when we say you’ll feel fresh, motivated, and ready to take on the world!

6. Daydreaming

Imagining your plans for the future is a great way to stay motivated. Plan your world tour this summer for when travel restrictions lift. You can check the rates of respective hotels and flights in advance so you can get an idea about the cost and can budget accordingly.

7. Try to Revive Good Memories

Good memories are assets for life. Use your downtime to relive your favorite memories. Take out the old family pictures and videos, and retell the memories as you go through each of them. This is a fun activity, and bringing up forgotten memories is great for your mental health and a pleasant distraction from a mundane routine.

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8. Impress Yourself

Impressing others can be a hard task, and many people fail in doing so. The biggest reason behind this is that they fail to impress themselves first. But believing in yourself is the prerequisite of impressing anyone.

Admire your achievements in life and what you’ve done so far by noting down all your accomplishments thus far. Not only is this fun and constructive, you’ll boost your self-worth and shape a more positive approach to your mental health.

9. Identify Your Strengths

“Thinking” is the most potent tool in humans. With a distraction-free environment, you can think about what’s worked for you thus far and what didn’t. Summertime is an excellent opportunity to do this as you have a lot of free time to think about yourself and identify your core strengths.

10. Gain Confidence

Social awkwardness is a problem for many people in our society. When you’re meeting someone for the first time, it’s often difficult to know how to behave. There’s a lot of self-help data available on the internet that you can use to improve your social skills and gain confidence.

Self-improvement isn’t an easy task; however, it is the most rewarding one. Think of the high-results if you need motivation to keep going and soon you’ll have built healthy and positive habits for life!

Keep an eye out for our next installment in this five-part series.