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WELL Certify Your Workplace

At Aerobodies, we believe workplace environment and culture have just as much impact on employee wellness as offering various health and wellness benefits. Top employers focus on these factors to boost employee focus and engagement: physical work environment, personal health resources, enterprise community involvement, and psychosocial leadership development.

As an IWBI WELL Certified Accredited Professional, Aerobodies CEO Fran Dean Bishop takes a holistic approach to health in the built environment addressing behavior, operations, and design. IWBI WELL Certified Spaces helps to create and nurture health improvements in nutrition, fitness, mood, sleep patterns, and overall job performance. Let us help you create a workspace where your employees WANT to come into the office and are EAGER to work!


AIR – Breathe easy with removal of airborne containments, prevention and purification to keep your employees healthy and comfortable when returning to the office post-pandemic
WATER – Hydrate with filtration treatment, strategic placement and accessibility showing your involvement and care for your teams’ individual basic human needs
NOURISHMENT – Provide healthy sustainable food choices, behavioral cues, and knowledge about nutrient quality to keep your employees fueled and in control when making day to day business decisions
LIGHT – Window design, light output, and task-appropriate illumination levels empowers your employees with resources for optimal focus
THERMAL COMFORT – Facilitate temperature, humidity, and air speed to help regulate your employees’ metabolic rates for physiological health management
MATERIALS – Use natural, toxin-free materials and products to protect your team from chemical exposure that present serious health risks
MOVEMENT – Strategically design the configuration layout of your office space and work schedule to promote opportunities for activity, exertion, and daily mental and physical fitness regimens
SOUND – Create a distraction-free and soothing design for your office space that takes acoustic controllability into account, providing your team with the space to collaborate as well as work independently
MIND – Getting feedback on environmental design elements and technology for optimal cognitive and emotional wellbeing is a key metric for your team’s success
COMMUNITY – Providing health literacy enhances culture, education, collaboration, development, and social & professional networking opportunities

Check out Aerobodies Workplace Design & Sustainability Whitepaper to learn more about how to create a work environment that inspires your workforce, while putting their health management as a top priority. Book a discovery call and see how Aerobodies resources can further support your organization through customizable workplace design solutions!