The key to building a successful work/life balance program is to provide your employees with a wide variety of activities and programs that will enhance their professional development.   Through our professional team of coaches and consultants, Aerobodies Inc. can provide an array of on-site or off-site retreats and workshops to provide better balance and business growth opportunities for your employees.

Our topics include:

Leading an Authentic Life:

With the barrage of life’s stresses constantly upon us, its hard to keep in mind at times that we are and what it is we really want for our lives. In this one hour lively workshop, participants will explore through movement, sensory techniques and breathing exercises how they can remain grounded, present and focused in the face of life’s pressures and stresses.

The Leader Within:

This 60 minute workshop intensive focuses on the framework of core competencies that define today’s leader: emotional intelligence, personal values and an agent of change. The facilitator will provide a number of teambuilding and triad exercises that allow participants to identify linguistically and physically with the posture and presence of strong leadership.   The workshop may be extended to a two to three hours if a more extensive training session is desired.

Leadership In Action © – Two Day Retreat:

Tailored for individuals seeking to develop leadership and management skills, this training combines an intensive workshop with customized leadership coaching to integrate and apply learning. Participants learn first to appreciate and apply their own full capacity. Participants develop strategies for influencing others so as to increase productivity, motivate and inspire others, and effectively navigate change. Coaching supports participants with the tools, skills and knowledge essential for integrating this learning into the workplace. Workshop provided in partnership with Equilibrium Executive Coaching.

Leadership Presence: Sharpening your mental and physical acuity – One Day Retreat:

This eight hour, highly interactive workshop is designed to provide participants with the key distinctions of extraordinary leadership performance. Individuals will learn how to reach out, build rapport and connect authentically with the others, in order to motivate and inspire those they lead. The leadership presence workshop will challenge individuals to:

  • Develop a commanding presence and confidence in public speaking
  • Become adaptable and flexible under tense situations
  • Develop multiple leadership styles
  • Handle difficult conversation with ease and empathy
  • Enhance listening skills to build and mend relationships
  • Workshop provided in partnership with Equilibrium Executive Coaching.


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