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How Fitness Center Design Impacts Worksite Wellness

Here are 3 proven ways to improve worksite wellness, encourage employee participation in your program, and make your fitness facility stand out from the competition:

1. Facility Design

The design and layout of your fitness center is crucial to its success. Top companies design their fitness centers to cater to employee needs and wants.

The most popular choices include:

· Rooftop yoga spaces
· Lap pools with strategically placed windows to showcase sunrises and sunsets
· LEED certification for environmental sustainability
· Strategic layout of cutting-edge equipment

Instead of treating their fitness centers as separate entities, savvy business owners are working with the building and using its structure and layout to create unique spaces that encourage employee fitness and program participation.

2. Ergonomics Evaluations

Ergonomics is more involved and complicated than simply purchasing ergonomic office chairs and computer monitors. Today’s laws require employers to protect their employees from injury using ergonomic equipment and design, making purchasing and design decisions of utmost importance.

In order to make sure you’re buying the right equipment and designing with efficiency in mind, it’s important to conduct a thorough evaluation of your workspaces. Such an evaluation will prevent spending on equipment you don’t need while identifying changes that will improve employee productivity.

3. Fitness Program Management

Once you have established the most advantageous design and layout of your fitness center and pinpointed ergonomic changes that need to be made, it’s time to investigate management options for your overall fitness program.

Without proper management, many fitness programs languish and die. It takes oversight and integration to keep your employees active and engaged in using your fitness equipment and participating in your wellness programs.

In addition to an enticing fitness center design and ergonomic equipment, great fitness programming incorporates regular events, contests, challenges, and classes to keep employees invested in their own health and wellbeing.