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Why partner with Aerobodies?

  • Innovative Wellness
  • Custom Solutions
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Our strategy and expertise is earned from over 3 million hours of project management, strategy and development work with hundreds of clients in over 16 different industries. View our case studies to see real-life examples of the values Aerobodies can bring to your work environment.


Balance work, life & family in the changing economy

How does your environment make you feel? We design-build fitness facilities that re-imagine optimal health. From the yoga mat to the weight room, our 20-year portfolio spearheads projects that are attractive, innovative, and on budget.

The Optimized Workplace

Incorporating customized health promotions, mental resilience programs, and WELL Certified workspace designs, we can transform your organization by improving the wellbeing of your employees.

Time is a precious commodity

What are the programs and systems that are of critical need for your agency? Are they running efficiently? Are they making an impact? Do they support your workforce? We offer a full range of of health management systems, programs and technical support services that can fully support your organizational requirements, while matching your budget.

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Live Health and Wellness Training

Learn how we can help your organization balance health management and operations with our customizable BLAZE portal. Gain access to health experts, fitness training, nutrition and more!

We develop unique and innovative health management programs

Our Nationwide team of Health Practitioners, Coaches, Strategic Consultants, Trainers and Subject Matter Experts are highly skilled and experienced in managing complex program requirements and creating turnkey management solutions that meet your mission objectives and fit your budget.