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The Optimized Workplace is a signature curriculum within WellTeamCulture that combines Work Energy Optimization (WEO) strategies with our proprietary Wellbeing Maturity Model framework to ensure sustainable outcomes. Incorporating customized health promotions, mental resilience programs, and WELL Certified workspace designs, we will work together to provide your organization with sustainable cultural identification and alignment that engage your workforce and optimize your workplace!

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The Optimized Workplace Solution

Aerobodies will TRANSFORM your organization by improving the wellbeing of your employees – the lifeblood of every great company. We have several successful case studies including The Washington Post, FINRA, USDA and more.

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The Optimized Workplace Podcast with Fran Dean-Bishop

If you would like to be considered for a spotlight interview on The Optimized Workplace Podcast, please contact Courtney at View our podcast FAQ.

The Optimized Workplace Podcast

Join Founder and CEO Fran Dean-Bishop each week as we welcome innovators, A-listers, and trailblazers who share their individual experiences with creating an optimized workplace. We’ll take on various topics including employee engagement, talent management, organizational culture, health management, sustainability, work-life balance and more! This podcast will inspire you to find new and unique ways of helping your organization thrive while providing an exceptional experience for your employees and nourishing their well-being. Let’s create a workplace of the future together! 

Listen to the latest episode:

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The Optimized Workplace Virtual Community

Energizing your mind and spirit is equally as significant as your physical health. Join our private LinkedIn Community Group with other industry leaders, luminaries and learners and be part of the conversation that is shaping the future of work. Get inspired and discover exciting ways to nourish the well-being of your employees by providing an exceptional experience that will make your organization THRIVE!


“Our KPIs have surged! Our managers are actually talking to one another, initiating communication and process improvement programs.”
— Sherena, Sr. Manager, Washington D.C.