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How to Amplify Positivity and Stimulate Motivation in Your Life: Nature & Self

Long summers without any activity can be tedious. It’s easy to become a couch potato during the summer break, especially when you’re out of ideas for things to do.

Make the most out of Summer 2020 with our top tips for channeling positivity and stimulating motivation in your life. In the first part of this five-part series, we’ll be sharing our secrets on connecting with nature and yourself. 

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

1. Spend Time in Greenery

When most of the year is one busy routine, summer can be your only opportunity to come closer to nature. But why is it important? Well research shows that developing a habit of spending time in greenery has significant positive effects on your mental health!

2. Start Indoor Gardening 

Indoor gardening is a great way to get green-fingered when the weather’s not so hot. There’s no greater feeling than eating fruit and vegetables that you’ve grown yourself. Not only is it fun, it keeps you engaged, motivated, and teaches you a new skill.

3. Start Learning About Different Plant Types

Learning doesn’t have to stop because you’ve reached a certain age. Make the most of your summer downtime by teaching yourself about different types of plants and their health benefits. You’ll have added a new skill to your belt and a new conversation starter!

4. Start Nature Photography

What else is more inspiring than capturing the true beauty of nature? The summer marks a new season of blooming flowers and greenery. It’s an excellent opportunity to bring your photography dream to life! All you need is an affordable camera and the perfect scene. Ready, set, snap.

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5. Start Feeding Birds

With the expansion of cities and continuous deforestation around the globe, it can be difficult for birds to find shelter and food. Do you part and lift your spirit by feeding the birds that visit your garden. Put out a water bowl and some grains on the rooftop and the birds will feed themselves and their loved ones. Do it regularly to become a permanent habit and you’ll soon be waking up to the sound of birdsong.

6. Go for a Picnic

Who doesn’t love a picnic? Fresh air, great scenery, good food, and company. It’s a great serotonin boost and the perfect refresh to motivate you for a new week. While visiting public parks can be an issue during COVID-19, we recommend you abide by the social distancing measures in place in your country. And if you can’t visit a public park, have a picnic in your own backyard!

7. Schedule Your Workouts

Consistency is the name of success. If you’re consistent, then you can grow in any field of life. Why not use the summertime to work on your physical health and glow from the inside out? Get motivation from transformation videos online to keep you going through the tough times. Visit our new BLAZE Virtual Fitness App to get started. (link on MWS page)

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8. Give Up Procrastination

Procrastination is a common habit in most people, and it’s the cause of wasting a lot of time. Despite the naysayers, you can give up this bad habit and work on doing the things you want. It can be tough in the beginning; however, with consistency, it will become more of a habit. And with all that extra time, you can use it to develop a skill or invest in your business.

9. Start a Small Business

You can turn your fortune by starting a small online business. During this hard time of COVID-19, the internet has proved to be the most useful resource. Many companies have gone online, and the eCommerce industry is booming right now. This summer is a great time to build a business of your own. 

10. Learn How to Cook

Cooking is a serious life-saver, especially when you’re living away from your family for the first time. Most people blame their lack of time for learning this skill, but there are no excuses for learning during the summer. Start with some essential recipes and increase the complexity on each next day. At the end of fifth week, you’ll be a pro in the cooking department.

We hope these 10 tips have you feeling inspired. Keep your eyes peeled for our next article on ways to amplify your movement and stimulate motivation.