Case Studies

Case Studies

Our strategy and expertise is earned from over 3 million hours of project management, strategy and development work with hundreds of clients in over 16 different industries. Our case studies demonstrate a modest but powerful glimpse into the compelling work that we do each and every day as we earn our clients trust and build our reputation as a value-added service provider.

US Federal Agency

Increasing membership and improving supply chain management while ensuring excellent contract performance

The Washington Post

Designing and Delivering a Robust Leadership Coaching Program to Engage Build Trust and encourage Collaboration for Key Stakeholders and Managers


Launching a Turn-key, Integrated Health & Wellness Program for 3,000 Employees Across 17 US Cities and Offices


Develop and manage an Acquisitions Skills and Training Program to improve consulting skills for United States Department of Agriculture contract specialists


Facilitate a Leadership Training in accordance with the United States Agency for International Development Education Office’s strategic goals