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How to Strengthen Your Heart Health

Heart disease is the number one cause of death worldwide, however it is mostly preventable with consistent lifestyle changes. Use these quick tips to make a big impact on your health and minimize risk factors.


1. Move your Body

Remember your heart is a powerful muscle, and aerobic exercise is what strengthens it! Determine your target heart rate and find an activity that you enjoy, so that your workout routine is sustainable over time. Some recommendations from Aerobodies are in-person and virtual fitness classes or personal training through our BLAZE platform, taking a brisk walk or run in nature, or grab a friend and wiggle your body in a dance class!

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2. Practice Mindfulness instead of Drinking/Smoking

There are many forms of mindfulness that can distract from other substances that negatively affect your heart health, such as drinking excessively or smoking. Generally people turn to these substances as a way to cope with stress, but we have some alternative methods for you to try instead; reading, writing, drinking water, Yoga, stretching, nature walks, guided meditations, deep breathing, talking to loved ones.


3. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Your healthy weight range is unique to you and part of your personal journey. It is something you are in complete control of despite health and stress-related issues. When we gain too much weight, our metabolism is altered which makes weight loss even harder, but still possible with consistency and determination. Take back control of your body health! Aerobodies experts recommend planning meals in advance, food diaries, and our BLAZE virtual platform where fitness and nutrition experts can guide you and help hold you accountable.

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4. Eat Heart-Healthy Foods

While enjoying fast food and desserts are fine in moderation, be sure to include foods with healthy fats that are good for your heart! Try foods like lean meats (95% lean), salmon, avocado, leafy greens, eggs, legumes, nuts/seeds. There are several ways to prepare these foods with spices you like, and different cooking methods (including raw) that can alter the taste. Figure out what you like best and enjoy!


5. Enjoy some Chocolate

You heard us right! Chocolate in moderation is actually very beneficial to heart health, particularly dark chocolate, because there are essential antioxidants that increase good cholesterol, lower bad cholesterol, and improve blood clotting function.


6. Be Mindful of Portion Control

Several deaths occur from heart attack spikes thanks to copious amounts of food (and temptation!) This is particularly useful to remember during holidays or celebrations. While it is fine to indulge in moderation, be mindful of your portions. Eating too much food at once can lead to blood shifting from the heart to the digestive system which causes faster, irregular heart rhythms increasing your risk of heart failure.

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7. Avoid Stress Triggers

Biochemical responses to stress lead to a rise in your blood pressure. Be mindful and gain awareness of your personal stress triggers and have solutions at the ready to help you manage your stress. We suggest turning to exercise and mindfulness techniques that help you maintain a calm, peaceful mindset.