Diagram of the 12 Competencies for measuring health and well-being for human and social capital

Measuring Health & Wellbeing for Human and Social Capital

Designing your workspace with an ergonomic strategy showcases your commitment to the Health and Humanity of your workforce. In fact, studies show a 6:1 ratio of average return on investment for companies who have integrated wellness strategies! Aerobodies Founder and CEO Fran Dean-Bishop is proud to sit on the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) board as an Accredited Professional, helping organization’s design healthy and productive workspaces compliant with IWBI’s WELL-Certified Spaces credentials. 

In an effort to better understand the relationship between health, well-being and performance metrics, companies need to identify gaps. Through a research-based, socio-ecological framework you can create a measurable, adaptable approach that provides the following:

  • Research-based framework to initiate efforts and track progress transparently
  • Broad and stable categories for benchmarking, strategic planning, and annual reporting
  • Consistent and customizable categories that align with your company’s mission, vision, and culture
  • Holistic framework showing the relationship between specific and scalable health metrics

Check out Aerobodies Workplace Design & Sustainabilty Whitepaper to learn more about how to provide your team with healthy, productive and sustainable workspaces proven to boost employee engagement and retention. Book a discovery call and see how Aerobodies resources can further support your organization through customizable live and digital wellbeing solutions!