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The Seven Turnkey Strategies to Effectively Engage Remote Workers


The year 2020 was one of the most challenging years for the business community. The advent of COVID-19 changed the landscape and way of businesses around the globe. People became restricted to their homes and were not able to travel to their work.

This led to the idea of a hybrid workforce, a blend of workers working remotely and on-site. The outcomes of this model were incredible and allowed companies to stay in business. Employees were able to work from the comfort of their homes. Also, the minimum exposure to public places reduced the risk of COVID-19 infection.

However, there are some significant challenges in the hybrid workforce model, such as low employee productivity. Employees tend to get bored when working remotely and cannot concentrate on work. Management needs to take some essential steps to keep the morale of these employees high.

Business performance is directly related to the engagement of remote employees. Therefore, we’ve jotted down seven turnkey strategies in which you can effectively engage your remote workers.

1. Connect on a Daily Basis

All you need to do is to talk with your remote workers. Without physical interaction with their peers, they can quickly feel left out. Therefore, it is essential to connect to them daily. You can also do a weekly catch-up call and talk through their concerns.

Communicating daily not only improves their mood but also helps them stay confident and motivated. A virtual meeting can be a great help to understand the concerns of your remote employees. It is just like a face-to-face conversation in which you build trust in them towards the company. Also, these meetings allow you to sense the employees’ insecurities and address them.

2. Give Clear Goals

Management often causes panic in the remote employees as they are not used to working with this model. This panic originates from a lack of openness within the company. Remote workers hesitate to ask questions and accept unclear goals. This hesitation causes significant damage and deteriorates the quality of work.

Managers need to instill confidence in their employees to ask questions to clear all the confusion. Also, setting goals will increase the bar of performance of the remote employees. The points below are essential to achieving your goals:

  • Clarify your goal and make it realistic
  • Document goals in different segments
  • Realistic deadlines
  • Proper tracking mechanism of goals
  • Discussion of goals with the team and make necessary changes
  • Help the team achieve those goals

3. Empower Your Team

Micromanagement of remote employees kills creativity and instills a lousy attitude towards the company. Fresh and new ideas are essential for any business. You can reap the ideas from your hybrid team by encouraging them to brainstorm. When the employees are involved in the decision-making process, they feel loyal to the company.

The empowerment of remote employees is an essential element in building a successful business in the current scenario. Once you give them authority, they will strive hard to achieve their goals at any cost. This empowerment promotes a healthy competitive environment in which everyone benefits.

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4. Upgrade Communication and Management Tools

Without the right approach and upgraded tools, no business in the world can expect to survive. Communication is the most crucial element in managing and engaging remote workers. In any business, you cannot rely on old techniques and software to achieve success.

Communication tools have seen some significant updates in the past few years. These tools are now more responsive and provide accurate audio and visuals. The cost is also minimal compared to the benefits you receive.

Similarly, the project management tools provide insights as well as clarity of the workflow. Upgrading these tools helps remote employees be more organized and productive. Employees’ work ethic increases significantly, and miscommunication disappears.

5. Promote Self-Care and Wellness

Work-life balance is an essential element for the excellent performance of remote employees. The isolated environment can have some adverse effects on the physical and mental health of these workers. Therefore, self-care and wellness activities are essential to keep them in the proper physical and mental state.

You can help your employees improve their lives. Try conducting virtual yoga classes once a week. Provide them all the necessary equipment required for these activities. Also, premium subscriptions of personal grooming programs can help these employees to stay motivated and engaged in the job. These are only a few ways you can better their lives and morale.

6. Team Catch-Up Once a Month

A company is a group of people working for a common cause. Collaboration between the employees promotes a healthy culture in the organization. Remote workers are no different. Let remote employees interact with each other through online meetups.

These events should be a casual meetup and with little work-related discussion. Not only is morale boosted, but it also increases workforce collaboration. Remote workers get to know what their peers are up to and help them through their issues. This method has been very successful for companies that are running the hybrid workforce model.

7. Celebrate Achievements: Quick Wins

Ups and downs are part of life. Dealing with these situations is the essential element that builds a culture in the organization. Companies that have a sound reward system and celebrate the achievement of their workforce tend to grow faster. Employees are motivated to perform beyond expectations when they know that they will get rewarded for it.

Rewarding achievements is a great way to engage the remote workforce to focus on work. It promotes healthy competition that leads to employees striving for excellence. Companies need to expand the scope of the reward system and celebrate the achievements of star performers. When they celebrate the accomplishments of their remote employees, they get the following benefits:

  • Faster results
  • Greater focus on the work
  • High productivity
  • Excellent quality of work
  • Boosted morale

Final Thoughts

The hybrid workforce model has been very successful, especially after the advent of COVID-19. The model has allowed companies to work at total capacity without laying off any employees. However, this model has many challenges, and the major one is to keep the remote workforce engaged and motivated.

Our team gladly provides the most effective turnkey strategies so you can engage your remote workers and increase the company’s overall productivity. Managers need to be patient and listen to the concerns of their employees. They must sense the red flags if an employee is facing any problem to be solved timely. For more strategies and services, contact our team at Aerobodies today!