build a positive wellness culture

How to Build a Positive Wellness Culture

According to the CDC, “A positive wellness culture in the workplace contributes to the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of workers. The workplace becomes more productive and constructive when employers integrate breaks for rejuvenation. These steps provide the organization with more opportunity to reduce the number of sick days and health-associated costs.” Do you agree?  Are you working to make your office a healthy place for yourself and your colleagues?

Partnering with Aerobodies Fitness, Inc. will give your workplace the wellness culture that you seek. Aerobodies has been called upon by their clients and partners to put together company health fairs and launch a variety of worksite wellness programs and workshops.

Health & Wellness Workshops

These 60-minute interactive workshops can be held as brown bag luncheons on-site. Participants learn how to create a fun, diverse and effective exercise programs that will promote positive changes for lifelong fitness success.  

  • Keep it Moving
  • The Fitness Challenge
  • Lifelong Strategies for Healthy Living
  • And more!

Fitness & Wellness Programs

Our comprehensive wellness service offerings can help your organization improve member retention and engagement, reduce medical costs and productivity and health outcomes.

  • Health Coaching
  • Health Risk Assessments
  • Motivation and Incentive Programs
  • Lunch & Learn Nutrition Seminars and Wellness Webinars
  • Wearable Technology Tracking
  • And more!

How can you get your employees excited about their health? Be sure to check out our article here for the Top 10 Resources to Get Employees Excited About Your Corporate Fitness Program

Aerobodies delivers high-quality, customized health and wellness services. All of our health promotion programs can be adjusted based on your project size and scope. We can help you create a customized plan for your organization’s unique needs. Give us a call and see how we can help at 703-8230-0217 or e-mail us at